Envisioning Home Ownership Program

How the Envisioning Home Ownership Program Works

By participating in the NFCC Envisioning Home Ownership program, you’ll receive pre-purchase counseling services over a period of several months. During this time, you’ll work with your home ownership counselor to:
  • Establish a personal plan based on your financial goals and those you have for your family.
  • Address your current financial challenges including student loans, credit card and small business debt.
  • Participate in a course of pre-purchase education.

Upon your successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a NFCC Mortgage-Ready certificate. You’ll be able to use this to apply for a mortgage with a lender that participates in the program.

Program Partners

Once you’re mortgage-ready, we’ll provide you with information on the lenders and other service providers the NFCC has selected to participate in the Envisioning Home Owners program. Our program partners are willing work with you as you prepare to purchase your first home. They also offer financial incentives exclusively to NFCC Mortgage-Ready certificate* holders who complete the program and can qualify for a mortgage. *


*Completion of the Envisioning Home Ownership program and receipt of the NFCC Mortgage-Ready certificate do not guarantee approval for a mortgage. Mortgage applications are subject to lenders’ qualification standards and review processes. However, any lender who participates in our program is ready and has expressed an interest in working with you to achieve your goal of homeownership. 

Why you want to do this

It’s been said that renters make landlords wealthy! When you own your home, it helps you build wealth. Here are some of the ways you can benefit.


6 Advantages to Homeownership 

  • Build wealth in a real asset as you repay your mortgage.
  • Realize appreciation on your investment as the value of the home rises over time.
  • Customize your living space to match your lifestyle and decorating preferences.
  • Stabilize your monthly housing expense for better budgeting.
  • Know that you can accommodate additions to your family without moving.
  • Gain the potential for future tax benefits.